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Are you looking to remodel part of your home? No matter where renovations are taking place, you can’t overlook the cabinets. Bring some vibrancy back to your kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, or even movie room, with our expertise. Through Cabinet Refinishing and Kitchen Cabinet Painting, we can help you craft a new or beautifully refreshed look for your cabinets and the room they’re in without breaking the bank. Our painters are skilled in handling the specialized process that cabinets require and will leave you with a perfect result.
When it comes to something that’s used as often as the cabinets in your kitchen, bathroom, or other highly-visited room, you need care that will really get the job done and make it last. Cabinets that are constantly opened, closed, and otherwise put to use deserve the kind of quality work that Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, provides. With the PPG Electronic Color Matching system, we will ensure that you get the best color for your project and ensure you a factory finish. We are not house painters that use cheap latex caulking or latex paints. Caulking cannot be sanded. Once we’ve got your perfect color in mind, our painters get to work, using the top tools and applying their specialized skills. When their job is complete, you’ll have a look that boosts the appearance of the rest of the room and that you absolutely love.

Besides updating the look of cabinets throughout your home, our team can also help you with refinishing and painting in the workplace. If your break room, bathroom, or other space in the office has a cabinet that isn’t looking its best, give Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, a call. We have the skills and expertise to handle any type of project and can bring you quality service, at home and at the office.

Ready to change things up and have a look you love for your cabinets? Whether it’s your workday mug-storage cabinet or your home’s most used medicine cabinet, our refinishing and painting services will have it looking better than ever.
And it only takes one phone call. Let us know what you need today and we’ll get to work as soon as we can. Make your cabinets shine with a refinishing or painting project by contacting us now.


Cabinet Painting in Denver, Colorado

Want a cost-effective way to update your Denver, kitchen? Cabinet painting can give you a whole new updated look without breaking the bank! If you are considering replacing your cabinets, wait! If they are in good repair, refinishing them could save thousands of dollars. Call Infinite Designs for expert cabinet painting in any room in your home or office. We’ll tackle any cabinet painting project, with a fresh coat of stain or paint. With over 37 years of painting experience, our painters are unsurpassed refinishing cabinets in Denver. Let us refinish your cabinets and extend the life of your investment.

Finished fine wood brings a warm, comfortable, and luscious glow to any living space. Enjoy our convenient professional bathroom or kitchen cabinet refinishing as it brings out the beauty and luster of a natural wood grain.

You also have the option to go with many other finish optional types. For example, a more modern solid color look or even an antique look. The possibilities are endless.

With our cabinet painting, staining, and refinishing services you can quickly transform the look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets to look brand new again. If you didn’t know better you might think they just came out of a factory showroom and believe me a factory finish has nothing to do with using cheap water based house painter’s caulking on you beautiful and expensive cabinets.

Cabinets are not the only fine wood products we can bring back to life. Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, is a FULL-SERVICE fine wood finishing & cabinet painting company That use top quality products and and we don’t use cheap latex caulking or cheap latex paint on your beautiful kitchen cabinets nor do we bondo seams because of the high Probability of recracking.

Depending on the kind of cabinets that you own, the process of painting them will vary and so will the price. For instance, customized cabinets can cost more to paint because they require significant sanding preparatory work to make sure that the paint will adhere and it will last and we highly recommend not to use cheap latex caulking on your expensive cabinets. The type of paint that your will use can also affect the cost of your cabinet painting. Most professionals use oil and water-based primers. Some are used as top coats because they form a good, hard and durable surface plus they are not susceptible to much damage during their drying period.

Cabinet Painting and Refinishing,  can provide a visual change you’re looking for to improve your kitchen. Our approach, commitment to quality, and amazing results have helped our Cabinet Painters in Denver, stand out among the competition.

As with the counter tops and your floors, painting your kitchen is a must do because it has to blend with the color of your cabinets. Having the appropriate color will make everything be a perfect fit. Our professional cabinet painters will do an impeccable paint job not only in your kitchen but also throughout your house to make it a home where you can proudly entertain your family and friends all year long.

Before we start a Cabinet Painting project, proper surface preparation is crucial for achieving a long lasting paint job. At Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, our process goes way beyond a simple, new paint job. We covered and sanded in the best way to obtain a better adhesion with the new paint the painting we use are of high quality.


Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. When you are remodeling, don’t overlook the potential that new or refaced kitchen cabinets have for brightening and renewing your kitchen. With so many options it can be overwhelming, but the experts at Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, can lead the way to helping you choose the options that are best for you.

If you like the look of your existing cabinets and simply want them freshened up, we suggest a simple and transformational process that will restore their previous shine. We give the doors an in depth cleaning to eradicate all traces of dirt, grime and grease. Next we give them a light sanding to dull the existing finish and improve adhesion. After that we apply 2 fresh coats of paint one a Precatalyzed lacquer primer, depending on what you have, to give them an exceptionally strong finish.

Prep, Prime, Paint

Once we complete our prep work, it’s time to carry out the rest of the painting process. First, the priming layer is carefully applied to all the disassembled pieces of your cabinetry – this ensures a beautiful finishing coat.

Painting begins, and most of the work has already been done, so we consider painting the finishing touch. Professional results can be achieved within budget with Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver. Call today and tell us about your plan to paint your kitchen cabinets – we’d love to help!

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The difference between our work and the other companies is that we take extra care at the beginning of the job to ensure fantastic results at the end. Our process is simple, but it is effective.

Quick Repairs Before Painting

The difference between our work and the other companies is that we take extra care at the beginning of the job to ensure fantastic results at the end. Our process is simple, but it is effective. After we sand and scuff the existing laminate on your cabinets, we will inspect the entirety of your cabinetry, and do quick repairs, filling in superficial dents and scratches with wood filler. We won’t start painting until we take the precautions beforehand to ensure the paint looks perfect.

Keeping Your Home Clean While We Paint

When we said we prioritize professionalism in what we do, it’s all about respect for the customer. So, when you invite us into your space, we understand that this is a significant inconvenience for you. While we are working on your kitchen, we use a clean-as-we-go system, so your house doesn’t collect our mess.

We also respect your time, so once it’s time to work – we never stop. Because of this -people say we work fast, but we get a lot done. contact for a beautiful paint job by a team that respects your home here at Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver.

If you’re like most people, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Whether you’re preparing meals, eating, or spending time with friends and family, the kitchen plays a central role in your home. That’s why it’s so important for your kitchen to always look its best. If you’re looking at your kitchen walls every day, of course they should be attractive. Perhaps you’ve thought about upgrading or remodeling your kitchen, but were put off by the cost. Luckily, there’s a better way and Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, is here to help. With our kitchen cabinet painting services, we can transform your kitchen at a small portion of the cost of remodeling.

Here at Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver
, we are committed to giving you the very best in quality, value, and service. The Cabinet Painting Company was created to ensure that homeowners in Denver, Colorado, Riverview, Valrico, and across the Continental divide, all of Colorado including: Boulder Co, fort Collins Colorado, Longmont Colorado, Frederick Colorado, Erie Colorado, Centennial CO, Arapahoe County, Broomfield, Adams County, Lafayette Colorado, Adams County, Louisville Colorado, Loveland Colorado, Superior Colorado, Highlands Ranch CO, Parker Co, centennial Co, Castle Pines Co, Castle Rock Co, and all of Douglas County, Lakewood CO, Littleton Co., Jefferson County, Thornton, Littleton, and all of Denver County, including Colorado Springs CO and the entire state of Colorado, and Firestone Colorado.

We are local expert available who could help bring their cabinet refinishing dreams to life. Our team of professionals creates peace of mind for our clients by providing insight, information, and integrity at every turn. From our free in-home estimate to our final walkthrough, you will experience the difference that hiring true cabinet experts can offer. Our process leaves your cabinets with a long-lasting, factory finish at up to 70 percent off compared to replacement cabinets. 

The skilled Denver cabinet painting crew follows best practices for staining and painting kitchen cabinets that are as durable as they are beautiful. First, Your cabinets are stripped to remove old paint. Next, we’ll repair the dings and cracks and sand the surface until smooth. Finally, a rich-looking, long lasting paint or stain is applied. The result will be professionally finished cabinets that look great and fit your budget. Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, can give those worn cabinets a facelift! Call us TODAY! 303-573-6666  today to schedule a free consultation and written quote.

Painting kitchen cabinets Denver