Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver

For many families, kitchens are the heart of the home. We use these vital spaces for more than cooking and eating. The kitchen is a gathering spot for family and friends—with or without food and beverages. It’s homework central or a place to catch up on a few tasks from the office. It’s a room to work on crafts without worrying about spills. It’s the center of your daily routine.

Your kitchen should be one of the most attractive and pleasant rooms in the house. If your kitchen cabinets look shabby or outdated, the whole space feels uninspired. It’s tough to enjoy your time in the kitchen—or your home—if the appearance makes you anxious or unhappy.

Still, full kitchen remodels are expensive. Even cabinet replacement is costly. If your kitchen cabinets are in good shape, you may not want to spend the money or waste the resources for a remodel or new cabinets.

Plus, remodels and replacements take time and create a mess. If you and your family use the kitchen all the time, what do you do if the space is out of commission for several weeks?

You don’t need to hire a team of contractors to destroy and rebuild your kitchen. You can get the new look you desire with cabinet restoration and a professional paint job from Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver.

We’ll bring color and creativity to your existing cabinets in less time, at a lower cost, and with less stress than traditional kitchen upgrades.

It’s hard to believe this bright, new, cool-toned kitchen went from drab to fab in just 10 days! There are so many details of this kitchen renovation that we love: the new glass front cabinets, the new tile flooring, the elevated bar-top, it’s just too difficult to choose a few to highlight! But don’t just take our word on how well this kitchen renovation in Denver.

Painting Your Cabinets

If you are like many Denver, homeowners who are ready to update their kitchens, you are probably looking at your existing cabinets and wondering what to do with them. If you are thinking about painting your existing cabinets and wondering what it cost, I hope to shed some light on that in this blog post.

This is a question we get asked often. I’d like to answer it by talking about what it would cost if you hired a professional paint company to paint your kitchen cabinets, not doing it yourself. Also there are lots of painters who claim to paint kitchen cabinets for a “good price,” but in the end, the cabinets turn out looking terrible because of using cheap latex caulking or bondoing seams because of the high Probability of recracking. Painting is about 75-80% less expensive than refacing or replacing cabinets. So keep this in mind! Painting or finishing cabinets requires many years of experience, knowledge of woodwork, good preparation and even safety practices.

Better: Another option is a bit more thorough in the preparation and removal of doors, drawers and hardware/hinges. A paint company would spray the doors and drawers in a spray booth onsite or off-site. If it is onsite, a professional company will create a proper spraying area that will make the cabinets turn out beautifully. They will also use a stronger, more durable product such as a pre-catalyzed lacquer primer and a industrial strength waterborne acrylic that hardens like a lacquer paint providing a satin finish.

Then to save a little on cost, they can carefully hand brush the kitchen frames and boxes. A painter that is good with a brush can make the cabinet frames look almost sprayed. This requires a lot less masking and preparation of the kitchen. The cost for this type of service can also range depending on colors selected and the size of one’s kitchen. For a standard size kitchen again, lets say the price range might be more like $2,999-4,800.

The Possibilities With Cabinet Repainting Are Limitless!

Just because you’re going for a cabinet refinishing service in Denver, instead of replacement doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on your options. From high gloss cabinet finishes all the way to semi-gloss, matte, marble theme, or a modern and more contemporary white; you can get them all, and then some! In terms of color, there is no color that can’t be used for cabinet painting in Denver. Whether you’re looking to match your cabinets with that new dinner set you bought or just want to contrast the color of your tiles; Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, got your back!

Painting in Denver For Bathroom & Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Why Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, you ask? Because of our promise of reliability, affordability, convenience, and eco-friendliness. We send over only the best painters we have for cabinet refinishing in Denver, because the task isn’t as simple as it looks. From making sure there are no strokes when the paint dries all the way to applying a protective coat on top of it so that the paint lasts, we do it all with one core objective; the paint must last. We work to give you long term solutions and therefore build long-lasting relations as well!

The Painting Craftsmen Promise of Quality & Convenience

In the process of giving you only high quality bathroom and kitchen cabinet refinishing in Denver, we make a promise of quality and convenience. From design recommendations to the paint and technique used, we strive for quality and affordability above all else. And our second promise is that of convenience. To make sure you have a good experience when getting your house remodeled or cabinets refinished, we come to you at a time most convenient to you – and, of course, use paints with minimum to no odor!

At Kitchen Cabinet painting Denver, we can help you achieve just the style you are looking for in a custom, creative way. Whether you would like to glaze your cabinetry, paint them an antiqued, chic color, or wrap them in bright, ultra-modern style, Kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing takes the expertise and attention to detail that Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, is known for. We will paint your kitchen cabinets to compliment the style of your existing kitchen or create that brand new look you’ve been wanting and We service all areas including: Longmont Colorado, Broomfield, Loveland Colorado, Frederick Colorado, Louisville Colorado, Firestone Colorado, Boulder Co,Arapahoe County, Broomfield, Lafayette Colorado,Thornton CO, Longmont Colorado, Superior Colorado, Douglas County, Jefferson County, Erie Colorado, Highlands Ranch CO, Superior Colorado, Lakewood CO, Adams County, Littleton, fort Collins Colorado, Centennial CO, Parker Co, centennial Co, Castle Pines Co, Castle Rock Co, and all of Littleton Co., and all of Denver County, including Colorado Springs CO and the entire state of Colorado,. Is your kitchen outdated? Refinishing kitchen cabinets is the best way to revive good, solid cabinets while updating the look and feel of your kitchen. Get that “designer look” at a price you can afford. Call us. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to enhance And add value to the heart of your home with Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver Colorado

We can help paint you cabinetry. Here at Kitchen Cabinet painting Denver We can get the job done for you right the 1st time. Give us a call and set up a time for a free estimate today! 303-573-6666

To see more painting kitchen cabinets Denver, tips click on the link below. Some practices of other companies using cheap latex caulking and Cheap water based products does not reflect on Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, standard practices.

Painting kitchen cabinets Denver