Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver

We can help you assess the current condition of your doors to see if refinishing them will be a good option for you. In addition to refinishing stained wood cabinets, we can also paint your Highlands Ranch laminate and mdf/thermafoil cabinets!

Don’t leave your kitchen in the hands of any house painter

– We have proven products and processes, we do not use cheap latex caulking or paints on your expensive cabinets. Most projects are completed in 10 to 12 business days or less with minimal disruption.

•Thorough surface prep to ensure proper surface adhesion

•We use high quality furniture grade paints that dry to hard, durable finish and spray doors and drawer fronts for a fine finish

•Elegant, high end finish options available including durable, fast-curing waterborne Industrial Strength coatings.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, is the premier Denver, and surrounding area provider of kitchen cabinet painting, refinishing, and remodel updates. We specialize in the renewal of kitchen cabinets using a custom process and a combination of the finest products available to achieve a durable and updated look for less.  And we can provide you with a lot more ranging from that small cabinet repair if you want contracted. Even more, we can coordinate the whole job for you through our one company in a well coordinated and timely fashion.

Give new life to your kitchen cabinets

Whether you are looking to prepare your home for sale or enhance the space you love to live in refinishing, painting, or refacing your cabinets is the most cost effective solution.  

Painting Kitchen Denver, uses your old cabinets as a canvass for a beautiful new look. Whether you are looking to enhance your outdated cabinets by painting a beautiful color or adding subtle, neutral tones, cabinet painting will offer a huge impact in updating your kitchen.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver,  is one Denver’s premier kitchen painting  companies, and has been for over 37 years! But, many homeowners today are looking to simply “spruce up” the look of their kitchen all the while saving money by refinishing rather than completely replacing their existing kitchen cabinets.
With cabinet refacing, you’ll save up to 40% versus a complete remodel. How so? For starters, you won’t need to alter any plumbing and can keep your current countertops. Often, during a kitchen remodel, people will have Painting Kitchen Denver, replace their flooring, too. With us cabinet refinishing, you won’t have to do that.

And Refinishing is not “the cheap way to go.” It is less expensive, but there is nothing “cheap” about the quality of our refinishing products and we do not use cheap latex caulking or latex paints. Your old cabinets will look brand-new, they’ll just cost about half as much as a full tear-out and replacement, though!

And when it comes to options, you will have a near-endless array of veneer colors and styles from which to choose. Plus, with a simple switch of the hardware on your current cabinets, no one will know you didn’t pay thousands more on cabinet replacements. Call us or click here to schedule your free, in-home consultation, or visit either of our locations.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, can expertly refinish the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom. We have more than 3 decadesof experience working with homeowners throughout all of Colorado including: Castle Pines, Ft Collins Co., Parker Co, Lafayette Colorado, Broomfield, Thornton colorado, Lafayette Colorado, Louisville Colorado, Arapahoe County, Frank Town Co., Boulder Co, Castle Rock Co, Lakewood CO, Frederick Colorado, Adams County, Loveland Colorado, Douglas County, Frank Town Co., Centennial CO,Longmont Co, Littleton, Frank Town Co., Jefferson County, Firestone CO, Colorado Springs CO, Denver County, Highlands Ranch, Littleton Co., Erie CO., Superior Colorado, Colorado Springs CO, Littleton, and all of centennial Co, all of Colorado,. We have painted and refinished cabinets in executive homes, stately Victorians ranch-style homes, apartments and condos and commercial properties.

We do our cabinet refinishing work with great care

Before we begin, we install floor protection, remove, label and store your cabinet hardware and mask off adjoining surfaces that are not to be painted. Then, we close off our work area with plastic. Our goal is to completely isolate the area to protect your home from dust as much as possible, paint and fumes.

We sand your cabinet surfaces, fill any holes. Once the cabinet surfaces are absolutely smooth, we can prime and paint, which may require 2 coats one being a primer. Hardware is then reinstalled, after the new paint finish has fully cured. When your kitchen or bathroom cabinets are properly prepared and painted by Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, the finish will be durable, washable and long lasting.

Stress-Free Cabinet Refinishing & Repainting

For a kitchen that looks like new, the Denver Area turns to Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, your local Cabinet Refinishing professionals. Our cabinet refinishing services can give your kitchen a complete refresh without a costly overhaul or cabinet replacement.

Whether you love your existing kitchen or bathroom style and want to spruce it up, or you want to stun your friends and family with a total room transformation, Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, can help.

Our cabinet refinishing and repainting services will revitalize the look of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets and add years to their lifespan without the mess and expense of a complete renovation.
Colorado area homes with older cupboards can find their kitchens or bathrooms completely repainted and refinished in a matter of days, without disrupting your routine.


It’s true. You could refresh the look of your kitchen or bathroom by ripping out your existing cabinets and cupboards and performing a complete renovation. But that approach is time-consuming, messy, and carries a hefty price tag.
It’s also incredibly disruptive to your routine. Having construction teams in your home will likely require you to find other accommodations while the work is completed.

Complete cabinet replacement also requires ripping out and gutting an entire bank of cabinets, reworking plumbing, potentially damaging a wall, and performing electric, HVAC and trim work. Why go through the hassle of tearing apart your entire kitchen or bathroom with DIY cabinet painting when you can trust professional cabinet painting and hire Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver,  to refinish your cupboards?

You can achieve a modern, up-to-date aesthetic through a simple, relatively inexpensive, time-saving refacing job. Since your family and guests will only be seeing the front of your cupboards when they come to visit, performing a refacing instead of a complete overhaul makes the most sense, fiscally and practically. There’s nothing like getting what looks like a brand new room without emptying your wallet, destroying your wall, or upending your life.

Not sure what look you want? We offer color consultation, along with project planning support to help you make your cabinet refinishing process straightforward and stress-free. Why wait for the bathroom and kitchen you want? Let’s get started on your room transformation today!

Why replace when you can paint?

If your tired of the look of your cabinets, but you don’t want to go to the expense of replacing them? Don’t worry, you still have good options. We recently completed a project throughout the Denver Metro area, refinishing old existing cabinets to have a beautiful and modern aesthetic.

Instead of applying oil-based paint — which is traditionally used on painted cabinets, but is being phased out to comply with Colorado air quality standards — we used PPG PAINTS  in a satin finish. Painting the cabinets gave the room a more spacious and cohesive feel while beautifully complementing the view of your kitchen in the Denver area.

Repainting existing cabinets is an affordable way to get a great new look in your kitchen. However, keep in mind that painting requires a bit more maintenance over time compared with stained or paint factory-finished cabinets.

After carefully removing all the cabinet doors and drawers, every surface was thoroughly sanded and cosmetic repairs were made if contracted to the underlying wood. We used a stain-blocking primer to prevent the color of the original wood from bleeding through the layers of new paint.

Our client’s color choice was 50% of the formula of PPG Paints. The resulting neutral color was a perfect compliment to the overall color palette of the space and a great way to refresh and update the kitchen. If you’re looking for quality workmanship and customer care call us today! 303-573-6666

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