Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver

Painting Kitchen Cabinets in Denver

What’s the most important room in your Colorado, home? The kitchen. That’s because your Denver, kitchen is the one room where even a minimal investment can translate into a substantial upgrade in the value of your home. While a major remodel can cost significant time and money, painting kitchen cabinets, in your home can be done at a fraction of the price and still get similar benefits.

So why replace your kitchen cabinets when you can repaint them to achieve the same effect? A fresh coat of paint will have your kitchen cabinets looking like new, adding to your home’s appeal. And it will bring you comfort, especially if you use your kitchen to cook, entertain and eat meals with friends and family.

To get the most out of your kitchen paint job, you should leave the work to Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, experts. Even the slightest misstep can be an eyesore in your home. You can rest assured that will not happen with us we take extra care and caution to protect your home before, during and after all work has been completed.

The first step will be to determine what color paint and products are best suited for your kitchen, depending on the material of your cabinets. Wood, wood-laminate and metal cabinets are ideal for refinishing while plastic laminate cabinets can pose difficulties as they tend to be resistant to overpainting. Even if you have laminate cabinets, we may be able to assist you using special paint products and techniques at our disposal.

As part of our prep work, we will protect all appliances which will remain in place during the course of the project. All cabinets will be sanded, removed of debris and primed prior to painting to ensure the longevity, durability and professional appearance of your refinished cabinets.

All painting will be done in an environmentally-friendly manner, using non-toxic materials, all while maintaining a dust-free work site to minimize any disruption to your Cape home. Depending on your needs, we can conduct painting of your kitchen cabinets on-site or off-site in our workshop.

The majority of our kitchen cabinet paint jobs last roughly 10-12 business days, depending on the size and scale of the project. The end result is a kitchen that looks as good as new with cabinets that are not only practical – they are washable and highly resistant to scuffs and abrasion – but are inviting to you and your family.


Your kitchen is the showplace of your home. Enhancing your Denver, kitchen cabinets can easily elevate your kitchen. With Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, you’ll be getting the painting contractor Nantucket, MA and the surrounding areas trust for beautiful kitchen cabinets. Every part of your kitchen adds to the overall aesthetic of your space, and with our services, your cabinets can truly shine.

Spraying Kitchen Cabinets

Benefit from our 37 years of experience Spraying kitchen cabinets, and when you hire Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, for your kitchen cabinets. As the cabinet painting contractor in Denver, recommends, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service. We put our customers first to ensure that you love your new cabinets. For more information, or to request a free estimate, contact Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, today. We look forward to helping you create your dream kitchen soon.

Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet refinishing, is a great way to breathe some new life kitchen. The cabinets are one of the most visually prominent aspects in a kitchen, and a different stain or new coat of paint can make a big difference for your kitchen’s overall look and feel. Our professional painting kitchen cabinets, painting crew at Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, can work with you to give your dull, old cabinets a refreshing makeover. With new paints, stains, and finishes, you don’t need to buy a whole new set of cabinets to create an entirely new look and make your kitchen feel new again.

Paints, Stains and Finishes

When you’re refinishing your cabinets with help from our expert painters at Stewart Painting, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of options for painting or staining them a different color. Wood stains come in a wide range of hues, and in many cases, they can help make your cabinets look like they’re made from a different type of wood. For example, birch and maple cabinets take well to dark stains, and can masquerade as heavier, pricier woods like mahogany or cherry. There are several different types of stains made from different materials, including:

White kitchen cabinets refinishedOil-based stains
This traditional type of stain is great for cabinet refinishing, since it works well for re-staining and touch-ups.

Water-based stains
Are more environmentally friendly than oil-based stains, and emit fewer noxious fumes.

Penetrating oil stains
Not only stain the cabinetry, but also act to help protect the wood.

Gel stains
This wood stain variety adheres well to vertical surfaces.
You may want to consult with our painting experts about what type of stain would be ideal for your kitchen cabinets, especially since different types of stains don’t necessarily come in the same range of colors. When you’ve decided on the perfect stain, you may also want to consider an interesting finish. Some common types of cabinet finishes include:

Burnished finishes
A strategic sanding and distressing to create a traditional, worn-in look.

Highlighted finishes
To add visual depth by using a lighter “highlight” glaze on the recessed parts of the doors and drawers.

Create a lightly distressed look that can give relatively new cabinets the character and prestige of a priceless antique.
You can also consider painting your cabinets instead of going with a natural wood look. White is a perennial favorite in kitchens for its light, airy look. Black or a bold, bright color can lend your kitchen a modern feel, and pastel “Easter egg” colors are historically accurate for 1950s midcentury modern kitchens.

Whether you’d prefer sleek, black modern paint or an antique finish on a wood stain, our cabinet specialists at Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, can work with you to transform your cabinets into something refreshingly different and unique.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Denver

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing is the way to go! Refinishing your kitchen can be easy, and Cabinet Refinishing Denver, wants to help make it a fun and pleasurable experience for you. Many of today’s homeowners prefer refacing their existing cabinetry. They don’t have the time and often don’t wish to make such a large investment in their kitchen. So, before you begin, it’s a good idea to decide on the scope and magnitude of the update you want. There’s no sense in doing a complete makeover if you are happy with the basic layout of your existing kitchen. We’ll help you through all the steps, from design choices to completion of the project. We are currently serving customers in all neighborhoods of Denver, including, Thornton colorado, ,Firestone CO, Lafayette CO, Denver County, Jefferson County, Erie CO., Parker Co, Frank Town Co, Superior Colorado, Lakewood CO, Louisville Colorado, Loveland Colorado, Centennial CO, Longmont Co, Douglas County, Arapahoe County Broomfield, Highlands Ranch, Frederick Colorado, Boulder Co, Adams County, Castle Rock Co, Littleton Co., Colorado Springs CO, Littleton, Castle Pines, Ft Collins Co., Colorado, .

A few days later, once the frames are dried and cured, we will return to re-install the drawer fronts and doors. Your kitchen will be looking fantastic! So if you’re looking for the right company to get the job done right the first time, give us a call here at cabinet refinishing Denver. Call us today! 303-573-6666

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