Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver

Get Beautiful Cabinets in Just Five Business Days

Turn your Denver, kitchen into a beautiful space in as little as five days. This unobtrusive process I follow is detailed below. It is specifically formulated to leave your cabinets with a fresh, new look.

Day One:The process begins with the arrival of Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, on the site between 8:00 am and 8:30 am. Set up, door and drawer removal, scrubbing, and cleaning are done on the initial day.

Day Two:Cleaning and sanding supplies are arranged inside the kitchen. Tarps are provided to protect countertops and floor area as work progresses around the room. All the face frames and side panels are thoroughly cleaned and sanded.

Day Three:Color glaze and clear finish in carport or garage work area. The first color sample is mixed and applied to the back of a single drawer face or the back of a small door. After drying, the sample is brought to the client for consideration and approval.
The value range or color of the sample can be altered in accordance with the client’s expectation and desire. Once the color sample is approved, the customer is asked to sign a color acceptance form and the finishing process begins.

Day Four:Applying color glaze to the cabinet face frames and side panels. Color glaze is applied by hand to all the crown moldings and scribe moldings on the side of cabinet boxes. It is applied to all the face frames and side panels as well.

Day Five:Application of topcoat sealer, reinstallation of hardware, doors and drawer fronts are done on the final day. Note: Friday is usually the final workday. However, larger jobs may require another five days to complete.

If you have older kitchen cabinets with a worn or outdated finish, the entire room can be affected. While replacing cabinets is a large and expensive undertaking, refreshing the style of your kitchen can be done quickly and for less cost with painting.

Even if you currently have a wood or metal finish on your kitchen cabinets, do not be afraid to paint. If they are looking worn, fresh paint will give them a new look and can change the entire atmosphere in your kitchen. Many trendy kitchens have painted cabinets, giving you more options for design. With paint, your cabinets will not only look new again, but you can create an updated style for the most popular room in your house.

Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas

Since kitchen cabinets have to share of the surface space in the kitchen, the color you choose is crucial. Too dark of a color in a small kitchen can be overwhelming, while bright or light colors can open up a tight space. For a quiet and serene style, you can choose neutral colors, or liven up the room with bold colors that bring energy into the space. Here are some ideas on colors that are trending for kitchen cabinets this year to get your creative juices flowing:

•White Still a favorite, white cabinets are very popular in modern kitchens. It is fresh and inviting and looks good with almost any counter or wall color. However, if you have kids, keep in mind that white cabinets will need more cleaning to wipe away fingerprints.

•Grey Want an elegant style for your kitchen? Grey is another color that is very trendy in kitchens, blending well with various accents and fixtures options. There are many shades of grey to choose from to create the look you desire.

Deep jewel tones If you have the space and want to add color, a new trend in kitchen colors is jewel tones. Darker hues of emerald, amethyst, black or sapphire can embolden your kitchen, but should be used carefully to avoid becoming overpowering.

Of course, there are many other colors to choose from to make your kitchen match your style. If you love yellow blues or want to brighten your kitchen with mint green, go for it! You should also consider the wall color behind the cabinets and whether you want to change or match the walls. The great aspect of painting is that if you tire of the color, you can always change it down the road.

On top of color, you want a washable surface for kitchen cabinets. Latex paint is a horrible idea for kitchen cabinets and we do not use cheap latex products on your beautiful expensive cabinets. We use a industrial strength water borne acrylic that hardens like a lacquer paint providing a satin finish with a primer undercoat consisting of a Precatalyzed lacquer primer. Matte or eggshell finishes are not a great choice for the kitchen where cleaning is a constant issue. The function is as important as style when choosing the type of paint for your kitchen cabinets.

Preparation for Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Painting cabinets in your kitchen is economical in comparison to replacing them, but it does require some labor and preparation. To do it right, the cabinet doors need to be removed, along with all the hardware. The surfaces need to be cleaned and any surface flaws repaired like holes filled in with Bondo depending on the clients budget and if contracted before you paint. Wood cabinets should be lightly sanded before applying paint to ensure that the paint will adhere and appear smooth. The counters, floors, and appliances should be covered and adjacent walls taped.

When we paint your Kitchen cabinets you can be assured they will be painted by spray and never with a brush but sprayed only, to Guarantee a factory finish. Spraying can be easier to create a smooth surface for intricately-designed cabinets, but it also needs to be carefully applied. For many, painting can be tedious and while in a rush to complete the project, drips occur or brush strokes show. If painting is not your favorite pastime, kitchen cabinet painting is a chore you may not want to take on. Instead, consider the benefits of hiring a professional painting service like Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, to refresh your kitchen cabinets for you.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets in Denver

If you want a new look for your kitchen, talk to our team at Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver. Our painting pros (father and son) can help you find the best colors and paint to refresh your kitchen cabinets. We take the hard work out of painting your kitchen or other rooms in your home and leave you with a stunning new surface that will last for years. You can trust our experienced crews to make your cabinets look like new and leave your home clean when the job is completed. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and provide a quote to get started on rejuvenating your kitchen.

With over 3 decades of experience painting cabinets in Boulder, and more we have the insurance, confidence, and crew to handle any sized project. We have the quickest and most responsive communication in the industry because we know when it comes to your house or apartment that you want to be kept in the loop with peace of mind from the estimate to the finished product.

Here at Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, Colorado, we have developed a unique process that allow us to create an excellent bond to your current cabinets and finish with a long lasting smooth top coat that is both washable and durable. Best of all, you can choose any color to give you just the right look. We can also do special effects such as glazing to give you a more rustic or worn look. While many homeowners attempt to paint their cabinets on there own, it is a technical process and we’ve seen our fair share of kitchen projects gone bad!

If your goal is a clean, smooth, We have acquired some of the best and skilled techniques And with over 38 years experience in cabinet refinishing in the Boulder, Metro area including: Firestone CO, Parker Co, centennial Co, Castle Pines Co, Castle Rock Co, and all of Douglas County, Lakewood CO, Littleton Co., Jefferson County, Broomfield, Littleton, Arapahoe County, Adams County and all of Denver County, Centennial CO, including Boulder Co, Colorado Springs CO and the entire state of Colorado. Superior Colorado, Longmont Co, Louisville Colorado, Frederick Colorado, Thornton colorado, Loveland Colorado, fort Collins Colorado, Lafayette Colorado, Erie Colorado, and Highlands Ranch,.

At Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, Colorado, our mission is to provide you with a stress free experience. From the initial consultation through the finished project. Our experienced staff work tirelessly to make sure your project receives the attention it deserves, and the quality craftsmanship required to meet and exceed your expectations. Kitchens Redefined renowned Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, King and our highly trained team will handle your project with the care and precision craftsmanship that Cabinet Refinishing Boulder, has built its reputation on.  With over 30+ years of combined experience, Cabinet Refinishing Boulder, will elevate your kitchen and or bathroom to the next level.  Come experience incredible design and extraordinary service at its best. Call ustoday at 303-573-6666

To see more Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, Colorado, tips click on the link below. Other companies work ethics may not reflect Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver, Colorado, work ethics for we do not use cheap latex caulking or bondoing seams because of the high Probability of recracking and you cannot sand latex caulking.

Painting kitchen cabinets Denver
Painting kitchen cabinets Denver