Kitchen Cabinet Painting and Cabinet Refinishing In Denver Co.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Denver

Many of our Colorado clients prefer the option of refinishing their existing cabinets instead of refacing or purchasing brand new cabinets. By refinishing existing cabinets our clients get the look of brand new cabinets, while avoiding the major expense of buying new.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver offers the following options for kitchen cabinet refinishing.
Existing cabinets can be sprayed with an Is water born oil based paint. Usually all colors from either Spectrum Paint and Sherwin Williams And we can match to their colors. Watrebourne Oil based paints when they are either sprayed on or rolled on provide our customers with the most durable finish. If our customers have heavy traffic (kids, dogs, etc.) we recommend the option of applying an oil based paint. The one disadvantage of using oil based paints is the strong odor that comes from the paint and paint thinner.
Another paint product available to customers is a Waterborne acrylic. This water based product is designed to adhere to the cabinet wood, unlike a regular non- enamel water based product that is commonly used for interior walls and ceiling. Similar to oil based products, latex enamel comes in a wide range of colors that are found at many Tulsa paint stores. Latex enamel can also be used for very dark colors, unlike oil based paints. For customers that are planning to list their home for sale or do not have a lot of foot traffic, latex enamel is an excellent alternative.

The last option available when considering refinishing kitchen cabinets is to apply Is a pre catalyzed lacquer primer paint. Stains are very durable and provide homeowners with natural wood grain look and feel. In order to correctly stain wood several additional steps are needed to create a natural wood look. These additional steps increase the overall cost of labor, which often times pushes clients towards oil or latex enamel.

Sometimes the smallest touches can have the largest impact when it comes to decorating your house. Whether your kitchen cabinets have become a bit worn over time or you need them re-colored to match a new design choice, Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver has you covered. Our commitment to high-quality workmanship and outstanding customer service has helped many homeowners get the cabinet refinishing they want let us go to work for you!


There is no better way to modernize, and it is a worthwhile investment to entrust the job to the experienced professionals who can tell whether or not the cabinet cases in your kitchen need refacing, resurfacing, or if they are in good solid condition, it might be best to simply paint them with care and preserve the existing style and structural integrity of the wood if so desired. The cabinet cases are essential to examine for any cracks, ridges, waves, mold, or forms of moisture retention as these can affect the condition and lifespan of the cabinetry in your home. We are happy to offer suggestions as to what the best course of action is going forward, as we have years of knowledge and expertise at our disposal featuring painters from all across the United States as well as locally here in Denver Co.


Please accept our offer and let us join you in the exciting task that is finding the perfect combination of colors to convey messages of warmth and comfort to your Denver, kitchen with the most cost-effective medium of kitchen cabinet refinishing, that is available at an affordable and fair price. Browse our collection of different paint styles, from matte styles to more semi-glossing or satin looks, the customization options with the paint alone are limitless, not counting all of the other ways we can sculpt your finished product to be tailored precisely to your liking. Look no further for the highest quality painting contractors available, any and all questions are welcome, from pricing to scheduling to completion expectation. Feel free to call in and schedule a consultation appointment today! ​303-573-6666

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