Kitchen Cabinet Painting Denver

Here at Kitchen Cabinet Painting Denver we have a few choices on how to fit customers’ budgets based on the amount of service required. We work with you to provide great finishes within your budget. If you wish to save some money and are willing to do some of the work yourself, then look to the bottom end of this scale:

We remove existing cabinet doors and drawers at customer home and replace with new cabinet doors (if requested) finished at our paint shop and installed professionally with new hardware, soft-closing hinges, knobs, pulls as requested.

We remove cabinet doors and drawers at customer home and finish cabinet boxes on site. We finish and removeable doors/drawers at our paint shop and install in customer home. New hardware, soft-closing hinges knobs, pulls installed.


We remove cabinet doors and drawers at customer home. Customer finishes boxes himself with professional paint for cabinetry provided. Doors/Drawers are finished at our paint shop and installed by us.


Customer removes doors and drawers and drops them off at our paint shop and finishes boxes at his home himself and picks up finished doors/drawers from our shop and re-installs them.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Denver can paint and resurface your pre-existing cabinets to make them appear new again! Everything from dirty hands to cooking grease to certain cleaning solutions can cause cabinets to lose their luster, and even damage the protective coating and the stain over time. Sometimes, cabinet replacement may be inevitable, but unless it is absolutely necessary to entirely replace them, the more economic and affordable option is to have them refinished by a professional so call us today! 303-573-6666

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Kitchen cabinet painting denver