Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver

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Here at Painting kitchen cabinets Denver we know Your kitchen is the center of your home and your lifestyle. It is the hub of much of the daily activity of your family. You may love your kitchen, the layout may be perfect for your needs but maybe it has just lost its cosmetic appeal. Styles change and finishes become worn and lose their luster over many years of use. Remodeling a complete kitchen can add up to a major investment that many consumers today are just not able to manage. Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, and kitchen cabinet painting, is a great face lift that can bring that old kitchen back to life at a much more affordable price, as opposed to replacing.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver

Finishing techniques can emulate virtually any type of look that can be found with your new Denver kitchen cabinets. Most projects can be completed with very little interruption to the use of your kitchen when compared to replacing kitchen cabinets with new cabinets. Painting kitchen cabinets Denver can help you transform your kitchen by introducing our Denver clients to new Hardware and can be updated and repaired where necessary when cabinet doors are removed for kitchen cabinet refinishing and kitchen cabinets repainting. You will be amazed at the difference a professionally sprayed lacquer finish can make on your cabinets and kitchen. Appliance front panels can also be painted to match the new look. By preparing the kitchen cabinet doors and boxes properly and spraying on the finish coat the results will be virtually identical to the factory finish on brand new kitchen cabinets. Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing and Painting kitchen cabinets Denver will give your cabinets a second life for a fraction of the cost of a complete kitchen remodel here in Denver Colorado.

Painting kitchen cabinets Denver

Many different types of finishes, both unique and traditional are available for your consideration for your kitchen cabinets painting. Don’t worry if you want to go from Dark Cherry to Antique white, it all can be accomplished. Your options are endless, frosted glazed, rustic antique, modern, dark walnut, high gloss, and a host of beautiful colors and effects await. Adding value and enhancing your living space for your own enjoyment has never been easier when it comes to repainting your kitchen cabinets here in Denver Colorado.

Many times at Painting kitchen cabinets Denver our crews are asked about the type of paint and the advantage over using a roller or brush to repaint kitchen cabinets. There are many do-it-yourself sites and books that outline how to repaint your own cabinets using brushes. If you are looking for more than the do-it-yourself look, consider the professionally sprayed lacquer finishes offered at Painting Kitchen Cabinets Denver. A look at some of our portfolio photos on our photo Section, will show the dramatic finishes that a fast drying, high performance, catalyzed lacquer for wood finishing provides. The difference is like day and night when compared to brushing on a new coating. All door fronts, cabinet boxes, drawers, trim and moldings are properly sanded down prepared with compatible sealing agents prior to the finish spraying. If hardware is replaced that leaves empty holes, we fill them so the new finish will be completely smooth to the repainting of your kitchen cabinets.

The other concern that Denver homeowners have that are considering Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing is that over-spray will escape into the home or onto areas that are not being painted. On our jobs the entire area is completely contained using plastic sheeting to create a closed environment where the actual spraying will take place on the inside. All areas not to be painted are masked off completely to avoid any spray from getting onto fixtures, ceilings, flooring, appliances, lighting, windows or countertops. The catalyzed lacquer is extremely fast drying and although the smell during the first few days of spraying is noticeable, the fresh paint odor soon disappears completely and totally.

Start to finish most all Kitchen Cabinet Repainting jobs can be completed in a week or less. The preparation, sanding, masking and containment takes the most time, followed by finish spraying. Then all the plastic, tape and mask is removed, the doors and hardware are replaced and you are ready to load those like-new cabinets back up again and when we transport your finished doors, we protect all of them with bubble wrap. When compared with the major work involved in a complete kitchen remodel that may take 6 to 8 weeks to complete, the curb appeal gained by refinishing is a choice that makes good sense for many busy Colorado families.

Many cabinets that are well worn become very difficult to keep clean because the finish has worn off and allows dirt and grease to permanently stain the kitchen cabinet. This problem is solved when you repaint your kitchen cabinets. Your new finish will stand up to most household cleaning chemicals and be highly resistant to staining and dirty grime build-up.

While you are updating, you may want to consider freshening up the ceiling paint, adding some new color too. Don’t hesitate because now is the right time to throw in a new appliance or two also. If you really want something closer to that new kitchen without ripping everything out and starting over, we can also recommend a great Colorado contractor for new countertops too. This type of solution is great for many homeowners that are quite happy with the space and the way their kitchen functions. They simply want to update and have the space look as nice as it works for their lifestyle.

Your friends and family will not believe that you didn’t get the kitchen remodeled! And why bother convincing them otherwise, your secret is safe with us here at Painting kitchen cabinets Denver ! If you may want to consider this solution for your kitchen blahs, give us a call here at Painting kitchen cabinets Denver and ask him any questions that you may have. Jesse is one of the few experts in this type of repainting in kitchen cabinets throughout the Colorado area.

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Painting kitchen cabinets Denver